The help section that is relevant to this part of the manual is here. Ignore step 1; the relevant bit starts at step 2, Using the text block.

1. Go to a web page and copy some text. Paste it here using the Paste as plain text button:





2. Select part of the text and make it bold face. Select another part and make it italic.

3. in the line below select the word 'hyperlink'. Then go to a web page and copy the web address, known as the URL. Come back here and make 'hyperlink a hyperlink to that web page.

this is a hyperlink

4. select some of the text in (1) above and click each of the Paragraph Align buttons to select Left Align, Center Align, or Right Align.

5. Use the dropdown menu currently showing 'Normal' to format the following headings as heading 2 and heading 3 respectively. Then make them normal text again.

This is heading 2

This is heading 3

6. Make one of the following an ordered list, and one an unordered list.

Ordered (Numbered) List

Item One
Item Two

Unordered (Bulleted) List

Thing One
Thing Two

7. In general, make sure you know how to switch from editing mode to page view mode and back.

8. Add a photo to your photographs page.

9. create a blog entry.

And that, really, is it.