Peace is Possible

Find out how

Many people feel powerless in the face of what they see on TV or read in the news - a world in crisis, with wars and violence taking place across the globe.

In my new book "The Business Plan for Peace" I teach you how to step out of helplessness and apply your own personal skills do something about challenges now facing us.

  • “We need individuals like Dr. Elworthy to start the work of preventing war. This has been my personal dream for many years.”

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • “I find it impossible to comprehend how so many of the human race seem more intent on waging wanton destruction, rather than creating sustainable solutions towards establishing lasting peace. This is why Scilla Elworthy’s exceptional book is so compelling. It has been written for people who want to step out of helplessness and find out how they can apply their own personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us. Read on and learn how you can engage.”

    Annie Lennox

    OBE, singer, songwriter, political activist and philanthropist

  • “Scilla Elworthy is worthy of a strong push from all of us. If we are to create a sustainable civilization at his point in history (and we must, in order to survive) it is precisely this thinking and writing that must prevail. She has my strong support and concurrence with her efforts.”

    Edgar Mitchell

    SCD, NASA astronaut, pilot of Apollo 14 and the sixth person to walk on the moon

  • “We had the great privilege to work with Scilla Elworthy to turn The Elders into a reality in partnership with Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel, and a host of other wonderful partners. We all found Scilla to be an incredibly insightful leader. Her ability to see the big picture, yet bring this back to practical action for individuals is a wonderful gift. Her new book shares her rich wisdom about a new type of leader that has a deep level of awareness of their inner power. This book is certainly a powerful catalyst toward the new world of consciousness founded in listening and empathy that the world needs to embrace.”

    Jean Oelwang

    CEO of Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the worldwide Virgin Group

  • “This is the current evolutionary process that most people don’t yet see: namely that the desired outer changes cannot come about without the inner change, as Einstein said. The quality of your awareness will directly affect the quality of the results you produce. This book demonstrates – steadily and sensibly – how anyone can develop this inner power to build their own personal contribution to the future, and to a world that works for all. It will wake you up to the challenges now facing the planet, and inspire you with sparkling accounts of what people are already doing to meet those challenges. It will show you how to build your own vision of the kind of future you want for your children, and the energy to make that vision real. I suggest you use this book as a guide, so that you too can become a 21st century pioneer of the possible.”

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Nobel Peace Laureate, Civil Rights Activist

My mission and vision

My passion is to enable leaders to make wiser decisions so that there is less suffering as a result of war.

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