Into the Heart of Bali Sacred Journey

The call of the Sacred Journey into the heart of Bali is magnetic. Only once in a life-time is there such an opportunity to witness the wisdom of ancient Bali for the inauguration of the Centre of Hope, in a place of utmost beauty and grace. All this in the presence of deeply spiritual activists, passionate to help create a safer future, enlightened politics, environmental action and the empowerment of women – all essential now for the survival of humanity. For my part I look forward to sharing the Business Plan for Peace, with fully costed, tried and tested initiatives that work to prevent war, emphasising the vital combination of inner work and self-awareness to produce effective action in the world.
Do not even think of missing the opportunity to share your own wisdom with us in this extraordinary experience.

To find out more information and book on this amazing once in a lifetime experience, go to the Sacred Earth Journey website.