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The Interdependent – Quantum Creatives (November 2018) [10:17]

The Interdependent: Quantum Creatives

These remarkable people create Giant Leaps. Each of them pursues a courageous new reality. Enjoy!

Interview with Jenny Elissen
First Published: November 2018

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What Nuclear Weapons Negotiations Taught Dr. Scilla Elworthy about Bullying in Schools (October 2018) [1:00:39]

Kindsight 101: What Nuclear Weapons Negotiations Taught Dr. Scilla Elworthy about Bullying in Schools
Interview with Morgane Michael
First Published: October 2018




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Peace Day Special with Felix Buxton (September 2018) [1:02:03]

Worldwide FM
First Broadcast: 21 September 2018

Felix Buxton is a composer, music producer and a member of Grammy and Brit Award winning dance act Basement Jaxx.

Felix celebrates International Peace Day with guests including actress Juliet Rylance, Peace Builder Dr Scilla Elworthy and a live phone-in from Ahmad Fawzi, former Communication Adviser and Chief Spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Refugees.

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Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (August 2018)

Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP)
First Published: August 2018

Interview with Kristina Lunz, Co-founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.  At the CFFP they seek to highlight those around the world who are working to promote gender equality and challenge the status quo. The people they interview occupy many different roles within NGOs, foreign policy, and charities, among many. Aside from their impressive careers, the interviewees are feminist actors with a wealth of advice.

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The Peace Building Podcast with Susan Coleman (June 2018) [1:01:40]

The Peace Building Postcast Ep. 031
Interview by Susan Coleman
Published: June 2018


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Peace as the business of the future, follow Elworthy’s roadmap (June 2018)

Peace as the Business of the Future
First Published: 21 June 2018

Sawssan Abou-Zahr is a Lebanese journalist, editor and consultant. Sawssan is Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert in Lebanon.  Below is a link to a blog she has written on The Business Plan for Peace – Building a World Without War.

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Worldwide FM’s Peace at One (March 2018) [1:01:38]

With Felix Buxton (Basement Jaxx) with Jeremy Gilley, Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Rainer Nolvak and Arrey Obenson
First broadcast: 22 March 2018

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Paula Magazine: Female Intelligence for Peace (December 2017)

Paula Magazine, Chile
First Published: December 2017

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Cracks Of Light Podcast: Leadership for a Thriving World (Nov 2017) [48:25]

Laura Storm Podcast: Cracks of Light – Leadership for a Thriving World

Is peace really possible? Is there a business plan for peace? How can we all help reduce conflict in our workplace, community, home and even inside ourselves? What is the role of our ego in conflict-situations and arguments? How can I find my true path in life and reconnect with my own inner guidance system? These are some of the questions we will answer in Episode 5 with three-times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy.

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FORCE OF PEACE? (October 2017) [27:48]

Filmed: October 2017

An old Latin adage goes that if you want peace, prepare for war. Deterring or countering aggression through the use of force is part of human instinct, the one that, when indulged righteously, often leads to barbaric waste of humanity. What will it take for the world to adopt the prepare-for-peace instead of prepare-for-war approach? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Scilla Elworthy, Founder of the Oxford Research Group.

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Stirring the Waters – Making the Impossible Possible (March 2017) [5:00]

“Voices of Faith” in the Vatican, Rome
Filmed: March 2017

Dr Scilla Elworthy, Founder of Peace Direct and Rising Women, Rising World, speaks about the challenges faced by humanity and the importance of fostering feminine intelligence to bring peace to the world.

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Global Social Change Summit 2017: Dr. Scilla Elworthy – Pioneering the Possible (February 2017) [48:16]

Global Social Change Summit 2017 – the comprehensive practical guide for women citizens in 2017.
Filmed: February 2017

The – Go – To – Place for Societal Change 2017. Compilation of expertise, ideas and practical know how on how to move from Inner Purpose-to Outer Impact-to Social Change.  Leading experts and change makers from the area of human evolution, consciousness and societal transformation.


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UCL: International Public Policy Review (January 2016)

International Public Policy Review
First Published: January 2016

After her lecture at UCL in December 2015, Scilla made time for an interview with International Public Policy Review.  Scilla and Alex spoke about social entrepreneurship, the power of social media and the relevance of autheticity and real stories to be heard. Read the full interview here.

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A Conversation on the Role of Women in Transforming Conflict in the 21st Century (September 2015) [56:00]

University of Oxford
Recorded: September 2015

A panel discussion on Dr Scilla Elworthy’s new book ‘Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works’ and the Oxford launch of ‘Rising Women Rising World.’

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Lifting of Sanctions Contributes a Lot to Prosperity of Average Iranians (July 2015)

Iran Review
Interview with Kourosh Ziabari
First Published: July 2015

“On the final day of the Global Media Forum 2015 and while I had only a couple of hours to pack my luggage and depart from Bonn to Frankfurt and catch my return flight to Tehran, I got the chance to talk to a leading British peace-worker and women rights activist for a 15-minute interview for Iran Review.” Read the full interview here.

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Cooperation Beats Competition (June 2015)

Deutsche Welle
First Published: June 2015

In her book “Pioneering the Possible,” Scilla Elworthy seeks to empower readers to be agents of change. Elworthy, a keynote speaker at the Global Media Forum, talks to Deutsche Welle about consciousness, inner power and values.

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Bridging the Personal and the Political (March 2015) [30:35]

The Shift Network Production: Bridging the Personal and the Political
Interview with Andrew Harvey
Filmed: March 2015

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Cuppa & chat with… Scilla Elworthy, peace and leadership pioneer (October 2014)

Virgin Unite
Interview with Madeleine Lewis
First Published: October 2014

Scilla chats to Virgin Unite about peace, possibility and power. And what happened when Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel called her up… Read the full interview with Virgin Unite here.

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My Life – Transformation Through Listening (March 2013) [47:54]

Conscious TV: Interview with Iain McNay
Scilla Elworthy: My Life – Transformation Through Listening
Filmed: March 2013

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Desmond Tutu & Scilla Elworthy talk about Lack of Trust and Nuclear Weapons (May 2010) [15:02]

Talkworks Films
Filmed: May 2010

Leading experts and policymakers talk about the global effort to free the world of nuclear threats in the 21st century.  Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in conversation with Niwano Peace Prize laureate Dr Scilla Elworthy about nuclear weapons, nuclear disarmament and trust.

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