12-part Online Course: The Business Plan for Peace

Is Peace Really Possible in our Lifetime?

War, violence and conflict has been a part of humanity’s history for far too long.   And it’s not just an issue in war-torn countries. Violence and conflict also play out in far too many of our homes, streets, schools, work places and communities.

But HOW do we put an end to it . . . without becoming the bully we despise? There is a way.

Last year Dr. Scilla Elworthy published her landmark book, The Business Plan for Peace.

Since then, 9 major peace initiatives implementing her strategies have launched and are facilitating peace-building world-wide.

Now, we enter Stage II of The Business Plan for Peace . . .

In collaboration with Sheva Carr and YOU in the Roll-out of . . . a grass roots movement, fully equipped with next generation peace-building practices and initiatives.

If Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa and other powerfully historic peace-makers have inspired you . . .

And you feel called to take a stand for peace . . .

Then, NOW is the time . . . and this is your opportunity . . . to become an even more powerful advocate for peace.

We invite you to join us for a 12 month, interactive online journey into the most up-to-date, proven, real-world frameworks, tools, practices and support for building peace locally and globally.

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12 Part Online Course: Programme Agenda and Schedule

21 September 2018 #1. The Current Terrain: Why Do We Need a Business Plan for Peace?


11 November 2018 #2. What is Peace? An Inner Tool Kit: Each of Us Can be a Pathway To Peace
16 December 2018 #3. Dialogue and Mediation: Tools for Prevention and Early Intervention
27 January 2019 #4. Preventing War
24 February 2019 #5. Building Peace Locally
17 March 2019 #6. Building Peace Nationally and Regionally
28 April 2019 #7. International Peace Building
26 May 2019 #8. The Economics of Peace and Conflict: a Cost Benefit Analysis
23 June 2019 #9. The Unique Role of Women and Feminine Intelligence in Peace-building
21 July 2019 #10. The Unique Role the Media Can Play
18 August 2019 #11. Dialoguing with High Level Decision Makers to Achieve Change
21 September 2019 #12. Who Are the Peace Builders of Tomorrow? Will You be Among Them?

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