Mighty Heart: Live Online Course

Mighty Heart: Live Online Course

The current crisis requires us to utilise every possible capacity of ourselves, most particularly the power of our own heart. As the secret to all transformation, the heart is indeed our greatest engine to move from anger and anxiety into action.

The Mighty Heart Open Course invites you to learn from peacebuilders and experts in service of some of the most challenging conflicts around the world. They will help you become a more effective changemaker by transforming conflicts and crises that may be internal, at family, organisation or even at national level. We combine two streams of wisdom:

  1. Profound knowledge and training in the practical skills of conflict transformation.
  2. Decades of peacebuilding experience and expertise.

The Open Course is for people of any age and background who want to build a safer world – whether in their personal life or globally.


We are now taking registrations for our second open course that will run from 7  September to 9 November, every Tuesday from 14.00 to 15.30 GMT.

  • Over 10-weeks we meet in weekly workshops, delivered by different peacebuilders and experts from the field. You also get to work with other participants in triads.
  • The course provides you with the skills and tools to meet and transform whatever conflict or crisis you’re facing.
  • You will receive video and notes of inspiration every week and exclusive access to the latest version of the Mighty Heart workbook.
  • On graduation, you’re invited to join our community of change-makers meeting once a month and apply for the facilitator training to deliver the Mighty Heart with us.

What is included

10 modules over 10 weeks, including:

  • Weekly workshops of over 90 minutes with the teaching team;
  • Weekly sessions with your triad group;
  • Welcome videos and notes of inspiration by Scilla and Fritz;
  • Exclusive access to the workbook including weekly exercises;
  • Recorded conversations with peacebuilders showcasing Mighty Hearts in action;
  • Access to our global Mighty Heart community of changemakers;
  • Access to all materials up to 10 weeks after course completion.


  • Practice the skills and tools that help you address whatever crisis you’re facing;
  • Gain a greater level of self-knowledge, compassion and presence;
  • Develop the ability to make wiser more grounded decisions;
  • Unlock more of your potential in life;
  • Connect with and join a diverse and aligned community;
  • Develop an exponential increase in effectiveness as a changemaker;
  • Experience a systematic growth of a mightier heart.

Find out more from our course registration page or email our facilitator Fritz Lensch at fritz@planforpeace.org with any questions.

“I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.”
– Congressman John Lewis

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We also offer custom-built courses for businesses and training institutes, for the Military, the Diplomatic Corps and Universities.  Please see our course description for these courses on this and contact us if you have any queries.

Mighty Heart Online Course

Week 1 # 1 What breaks your heart? - Induction to the course
Week 2 #2 Listening - Transforming conflict
Week 3 #3 Nonviolent Communication - Developing compassion
Week 4 #4 Taming your Inner Critic - Managing Imposter Syndrome
Week 5 #5 Cleaning Anger - As a fuel for transformation
Week 6 #6 Developing Presence - To act in a crisis
Week 7 #7 Intuition - Growing your 'Right Brain Intelligence'
Week 8 #8 Building your Mighty Heart - As a source for action
Week 9 #9 Taking a Stand - Having 'Courageous Conversations'
Week 10 #10 You are in service - What can you give

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