Mighty Heart: Live Online Course

Mighty Heart: Live Online Course

This is a 10-week training course that will enable you to systematically grow the power of our heart to heal and deal with the challenges we currently face. The course will be taught by Dr Scilla Elworthy and some of the world’s best teachers on heart intelligence.


UPDATE: We are in the process of setting up our second course which we hope to take place in Spring 2021. We will update this page when the dates have been finalised.

The usual format is for the group to meet online every Tuesday and every other Saturday at 15:00 UK time where you will have the opportunity to experience hands-on practices and inspiring conversations. Every session is taught by a master teacher and outstanding peacebuilders who have come to share their experience.

What is included

  • 10 modules over 10 weeks, each comprising:
  • Welcome video by Dr Scilla Elworthy with top tips for the module;
  • Live workshop with one of the trainers;
  • Practice to be done in your context;
  • Online discussion with the trainer team and all participants;
  • Live seminar or triad reflection inspired by a peacebuilder who successfully applies this skills at the grassroots;
  • Library of resources on each of the module topics;
  • A small group of up to 40 participants for the best learning experience.


  • Skills and tools that help you address whatever crisis you’re facing;
  • Greater self-knowledge, compassion and presence;
  • Ability to make wiser more grounded decisions;
  • Connection to a diverse and aligned community of effective changemakers;
  • An exponential increase in effectiveness as a pioneer for peace;
  • Systematic growth of a mightier heart.

Find out more from our course registration page and course catalogue or email our facilitator Fritz Lensch at fritzlensch@neonseeds.co with any questions.

“I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.”
– Congressman John Lewis

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Mighty Heart Online Course

Week 1 # 1 What breaks your heart? - Induction to the course
Week 2 #2 Listening - Transform a conflict
Week 3 #3 Nonviolent Communication - Strategy for compassion
Week 4 #4 Inner Critic and Shadow - Imposter syndrome and trauma
Week 5 #5 Clean Anger - The fuel for transformation
Week 6 #6 Develop Presence - How to act in a crisis
Week 7 #7 Feminine Intelligence - Break the cycle of violence
Week 8 #8 Grow the Mighty Heart - Your source for action
Week 9 #9 Take a Stand - Courageous conversations
Week 10 #10 You are in service - What can I give?

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