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Paula Magazine – December 2017

Female intelligence for peace

Paula Magazine, based in Chile, interviewed Scilla in December 2017. The interview is available on their website, entitled “Female intelligence for peace”.

Resurgence & Ecologist – May 2017

Working for a World Without War

Scilla’s article Working for a World Without War was published in the May/June issue of Resurgence & Ecologist. In the article Scilla considers why war continues, how peace can be built, what it will cost, and who can do it. The broader topic of the May issue is ‘Real Wealth’. Read Scilla’s article here.

Kosmos – May 2017

Dealing with the Darkness of what Humans do to Humans

The Spring-Summer 2017 edition of Kosmos asks us to re-examine our notions of ‘activism’ and consider the fabric of our lives and all our actions as opportunities for conscious engagement.
Scilla contributed with an article titled Dealing with the Darkness of what Humans do to Humans. More info about the issue and how to gain access is found here.

Kompass – November 2016

A Global Strategy For Building Peace : Changing the Way the World Deals with War

“In an unprecedented overall strategy to prevent violent conflict, Dr. Elworthy develops a whole systems approach to the building of peace worldwide, from the local level to regional and national and global levels.”  The article was published in the first edition of Kompass, a magazine dedicated to cultivating a culture of peace.

OpenDemocracy – April 2016

Love in a Time of Hatred

In the article “Love in a Time of Hatred” that appeared on the website OpenDemocracy Scilla formulates a compassionate, determinate and courageous response that aims to build peace in the face of hate. It describes the importance of unity, building bridges and empowering local people as well as the important role that women need to play to establish this.


Independent Publication – February 2016

Perspectives on Values and Love at Work

This 7-part Intensive on Love and Values at Work was prepared by Scilla and Hein Dijksterhuis, as a result of a Learning Lab entitled “Strengthening Inner Perspectives In Leadership Development On Love and Forgiveness”. It took place at Vista Allegre, Brazil, in April 2015, and was funded by the Fetter Institute.

IPPR – January 2016

International Public Policy Review

After her lecture at UCL last December Scilla made time for an interview with International Public Policy Review. Scilla and Alex spoke about social entrepreneurship, the power of social media and the relevance of autheticity and real stories to be heard. Read the full interview here

Forbes – October 2015

A Nobel Spirit

Forbes magazine wrote a wonderful article about one of the projects Scilla visited last summer. Read the article here to learn more about Bobby Dekeyser’s inspiring project and Scilla’s impression when visiting the village project in Barangay Bagalnga, the Philippines. 



Earthlines – 1st November 2015

Shifting Values in the 21st Century

Scilla & David Knowles co-authored the article “Shifting Values in the 21st Century”. It will appear in the November issue of Earthlines (issue #13). You can access the table of contents and buy the November issue here.

Tea After Twelve – 15th July 2015

Why is the Future up to Generation Y?

Scilla elaborates on her perspectives on the role and significance of Millennials in an interview that was conducted just before her keynote to the Deutche Welle Global Forum in June 2015.
“Millennials feel that the moral compass has disappeared. Many express the need for a sense of purpose at work, and to align what they do every day with what’s happening in the wider world. They say they want to make a contribution, to feel there is meaning in what they do.”

Iran Review – 8th July 2015

Lifting of Sanctions Contributes a Lot to Prosperity of Average Iranians

On the final day of the Global Media Forum 2015 and while I had only a couple of hours to pack my luggage and depart from Bonn to Frankfurt and catch my return flight to Tehran, I got the chance to talk to a leading British peace-worker and women rights activist for a 15-minute interview for Iran Review.

Deutsche Welle – 19th June 2015

Cooperation beats conflict

In her book “Pioneering the Possible,” Scilla Elworthy seeks to empower readers to be agents of change. Elworthy, a keynote speaker at the Global Media Forum, talks to DW about consciousness, inner power and values.

Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation – 6th June 2015

Why finding ‘peace within’ is more essential than ever for young people facing an uncertain future…

Fostering peace within is more important than ever for young people, particularly when you’re growing up in a world that seems to be without it.

The Huffington Post – 8th March 2015

 Women’s Voices and the Rising Tide of Violence.

“International Women’s Day may be celebrated every year, but in this year of 2015 we women need to wake up and start thinking about what – worldwide – we can do about violence against women.

What do women endure?”

Co-authored with Anne Baring.

The Guardian – 7th January 2015

The tools for a radical new kind of leadership

Working with leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Scilla Elworthy has learned that inner work is the most important prerequisite for effective leadership.


The Guardian – 16th December 2014

Moral compass not quarterly figures must dominate in business

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr Scilla Elworthy, says rethinking the definition of success encourages businesspeople to devote their skills to the good of the planet.

Network of Wellbeing – 4th December 2014

Embodying Your Own Truth: Review of Natural Leaders Now Conference

Living in alignment with our own values is important for our personal wellbeing, and can also help us to have a more positive impact in our wider communities and on the natural environment too. Being mindful of how we embody our values is also a vital part of leadership; having the potential to inspire others to follow suit. In late November, some of the NOW team attended the Natural Leaders Now conference in London, which explored many of these themes. In this post Research Volunteer, Nicola Round, reflects on her experience of the event.

Huffington Post – 10th October 2014

Pioneering the Possible

True pioneers are fuelled by their vision of how a new world could be, and dare to take on what has never been done before. Now, when so few people have any vision at all of the future, the pioneering spirit embodies the kind of leadership so deeply needed on the planet.

Virgin Unite – 9th October 2014

How to find your Inner Power

Want to be the kind of leader our world needs? Scilla Elworthy shares how you can improve your self-awareness and tap into your inner strength… Read Scilla’s blog post for Virgin Unite here.

Virgin Unite – 3rd October 2014

A cuppa and a chat with Virgin Unite

Scilla chats to Virgin Unite about peace, possibility and power. And what happened when Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel called her up… Read the full interview with Virgin Unite here.

Times of India – 20th June 2014‎

Dartington Tagore Festival celebrates peace

Dr Scilla Elworthy, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and a recipient of the Niwano Peace Prize will speak about her forthcoming book on inner power for effectiveness in the world at the festival.

Western Morning News – 13th ‎June 2014‎

Aaakash Odedra’s dance innovation is highlight of Tagore festival

And international peace-building at the highest level in the modern world will be revealed by Dr Scilla Elworthy, founder of conflict resolution NGOs, Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct, as well as advisor to Nelson Mandela’s The Elders.

Huffington Post – 23rd April 2014

10 Global Values That Are Old and Stale, and How to Replace Them

In April 2014 at the conference on “Love and Integrity in Governance” in Iceland I presented 10 values or norms that have governed our (Western) actions for centuries, and which have contributed to the state of the planet today, and then proposed that we can replace each one with the kind of values that could enable better decisions — decisions that could get us out of the mess we’re in.

Journal of Holistic Healthcare, Volume 11, Issue 1, Spring 2014

“Authentic Leadership: ten values we have to change”

I analyse the current leadership crisis and propose ten necessary shifts in perspectives and values.

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